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Stained yellow teeth, which are so simply remedied, should not get in the way of you being successful. Stained yellow teeth put you at a disadvantage in some social circumstances. Considering there is a good amount of competition in both business and social situations, it is with out a doubt useful to appear as presentable as achievable to be successful. The advantages of tooth whitening are many - extending to your business, social and personal life.
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Tooth Whitening
Two side effects of the tooth whitening process frequently seen are irritation of the soft mouth tissues (the gums) and an increase in tooth sensitivity. Irritation of the mouth tissues often is caused by a poorly fitted mouthpiece tray and not the tooth bleaching chemical. To lessen the mouth tissue irritation, different treatment options could be followed. These include wearing the tray for a shorter time span, halting the procedure for two-three days, or use of a high fluoride gel to augment the tray, thus assisting in re-mineralizing the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Methods
With the dentist supervised tooth whitening, your oral cavity and gums are protected from bleaching effects. The dentist can determine the optimal type of stain to meet your distinct set of dental restorations. Most notably, your dentist will be able to make an individualized mouthpiece tray, exactly fitted to your mouth. This results in maximal exposure of your teeth to the whitening agent and minimal pain to your gums and oral tissue. Compare the full, dentist supervised procedure to an over the counter tooth whitening product, where you are totally on your own.

Teeth Whitening and Pregnancy
Tooth whitening might achieve some remarkable results and should well be worth the cost and time involved. However, tooth whitening is not for everyone. This includes pregnant/lactating women, children under the age of 16, and those having allergies and sensitive teeth.

Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening
You have a choice of treatment options of differing cost and effectiveness:

- Over the counter gels ($15) and whitening strips ($10 - $55 for a 14-day treatment)

- Tray-based tooth whitening systems ($20 - $150)

- Dentist administered home bleaching systems ($300 - $600)

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